Day 154, Tracks 72-77

4 Not 5

Bass flute improvisation. Having been sick earlier this week I set up my Zoom to record a bunch of tracks at once, but the SD card ran out of space so there were only 4 tracks, not 5.


Layers of individually recorded flute samples combined to fit around 100 notes/harmonics in about 30 seconds. I’d like to notate this piece and see how closely I can get a solo performance to match the pre-recorded sample version… Stay tuned.


Layered C flute improvisation. Part of the 2014 Weeklybeats Challenge


C flute improvisation. Lots of air sounds, whistle tones and key clicks.


Bass flute improvisation.


Bass flute improvisation with whistling. I haven’t used this technique before but I think I like it…

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