Day 258, Tracks 85 – 101

It’s been nearly 3 months since my last post, and while I’ve been quite busy recently I was unable to play for sometime due to illness. I’ve managed to develop severe asthma and am having trouble playing for more than a couple of hours per day, and even then anything that demands a lot of air will send me to bed for the next day. I’ve been exploring Salvatore Sciarrino’s flute techniques which are often very soft, rarely exceeding pp. I’ve also been using a Max for Live device called SDMAS (Spectral Domain Microsound Amplification Software) care of Vince Giles (, as well as Ableton Live affects and processes. 

With a lot of luck I’ll be able to complete this challenge by the end of the year, but as I had such a major set-back (not to mention starting late) I may extend it to March 2015.


Om I

Solo flute improv


Solo flute improv


solo flute + Ableton fun

New Zhoom

flute + Ableton fun


Solo flute improvisation processed with @vince-giles‘ SDMAS!


Solo flute improv processed with @vince-giles‘ SDMAS!

Wilf’s Lament

Previous track, Foyer, processed with @vince-giles‘ SDMAS (Specral Domain Microsound Amplification Software. SDMAS makes super soft sounds audible. You can really hear it in the breath, key clicks and whistle


Flute improvisation. Having a bit of trouble with my Zoom recorder so there are some somewhat obnoxious glitchy noises..


Solo flute improv!


Solo flute improv!


Hail. And flute. Burr.




One very quick and jet-lagged attempt at a track in Tooting, London.


Again, last minute weeklybeat. This time in Boliqueime, Portugal.

Byton Road

Another quick one, back in Tooting, innit?
Brunei I

Track completed during a 2-hour airport stopover on the way home. Lots of simplers taken from extended techniques.

Brunei II

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