Turbulence: Art For Environmental Sustainability

Compost House

A collaboration between environmental artist Felicity Gordon, the Textile Art Community of Banyule, Hatch Contemporary Arts Space and the Banyule Environmental Advisory Committee, Turbulence is an exhibition centered around the theme of water. The exhibition features a sound installation by Alice Bennett using field recordings from around the City of Banyule.

30th March – 13 May 2017, Hatch Contemporary Arts Space, 14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079



Exhibited with surface-exciting speakers (see photo).

This work is a response to Felicity Gordon’s Compost House and is derived from field recordings of the waterways around Banyule including the Yarra River, Darebin Creek, and Chelsworth Park Rain Garden, as well as Felicity’s backyard. In the same way that plants and compost are taken out of context and exhibited in panes of glass in Compost House, the field recordings are slowed down and mirrored so that the detail and complexity of these everyday sounds are brought to the fore.



Exhibited with headphones.

A hydrophone (underwater microphone) recording of the Yarra River in Heidelberg taken at 8:35am on Tuesday 14th March, 2017. Sounds from above and below the surface of the water can be heard including fish, birds, insects, airplanes, and the ever-present riverside lawnmower.



Exhibited with headphones.

Field recordings taken from Chelsworth Park, Ivanhoe are layered and looped to turn the wealth of birdlife into a cacophony of sound and activity, giving an impression of the density and variety of life in the billabong.