Day 161, Tracks 78 – 83

Zebra I

Bass flute improvisation – recorded live in zebra-striped pajamas. Zebra.

Zebra II

C flute improvisation – recorded live. Zebra.

Zebra III

Layered flute and bass flute improvisation. Zebra.


Flute improvisation processed by @vince-giles with Max for Live.…ycrap-m4l-device/

The Fourth Day

Flute improv processed with @vince-giles‘ S-DAS (Spectral-Domain Amplification Software – Max for Live).  This patch is still in beta but aims to amplify the microsonic aspects of anything that passes through it, e.g. making the softer partials of the flute louder in real time. It doesn’t quite work just yet, but it’s fun to play with anyway!

Pigeon In A Fishbowl

Flute improvisation processed through @vince-giles‘ S-DAS.


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